Fresh Revenue with PEMCO Digital Marketing Strategy

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Fresh Revenue with PEMCO Digital Marketing Strategy

PEMCO is a true Pacific Northwest company. Their insurance products are marketed to Washington and Oregon residents. PEMCO provides insurance for auto, home, and boat.?Their customers number almost half a million people.

As an established company in a region that is part of its branding PEMCO wanted to create a holistic marketing strategy that spanned across the major digital channels. PEMCO needed to reach new audiences, create new leads, and drive growth for an established brand. They wanted a partner who shared their values of community and transparency.

We took a multi-channel approach to?target those intent to purchase, maximized?revenue during product launch using best practices, and were able to reach?loyal customers, software purchasers, and subscriber audiences. Our efforts led to a 47% increase in digital marketing-driven traffic to their website, a 248% increase in YoY leads generated, and increased executive confidence.

Our work with PEMCO was recognized by the Northwest marketing community. Point It was awarded the 2016 Pulse Award- Best Integrated Campaign B2C.

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